Tree Pruning and Felling

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At Celtic PMS, we specialise in all aspects of tree surgery, from reshaping trees and maintaining hedges, through to large-scale projects and site clearances. Our highly experienced and qualified team always strive to offer a friendly and professional service. We pride ourselves on our reliability, honesty, and efficiency. All of our estimates are free and without obligation so please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Whether you have a single tree or a variety of trees, you can rely on us to take on the management of your trees and hedges.

We can offer the following services:

Crown Raising

Crown raising involves removing the lower branches of a tree to increase the space under the tree. This is often necessary for access purposes where you need space to pass under or park beneath a tree.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is an important part of tree maintenance and reduces the shape and size of the tree. Crown reduction reduces the weight of the tree and can prevent dangerous snapping in poor and windy weather conditions

Tree Removal

Prior to tree removal we will assess the tree and its environment and establish the best method to fell the tree safely and to avoid damage to the surrounding areas. Tree felling may be required where a tree is diseased or damaged, where other pruning techniques are not viable or where a tree is causing damage to surrounding property.